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*Welcome to our Hanson Wav Page!*

Check out our awesome wavs. They are all exclusive to our Hanson Wav of the Day Club! Check back here often! LAST UPDATED NOVEMBER 2nd! :o)

-These wavs are exclusive to our Hanson Wav of the Day Club! Please ask permission before using them elsewhere! Emily and Lydia

***NEW***~Here's the last notes of "A Minute Without You" live from the summer of 1997, sounding ever-so-perfect! They sure have great voices!~

~Zac's microphone seems to be a bit too loud in this clip of the guys performing "Madeline" on Q102 last year! But that's okay with me!~

~Here's a clip from an interview awhile ago where the guys talk about their deep love for music~

~Here's a clip from an awesome rare remix of "Where's the Love" made by us~

~Here's an acapella version of "MMMBop" from Z104~

~This is a wav of Ike, Tay, and Zac at the Meadowlands introducing "MMMBop"~

~Here's a great wav of Hanson singing "MMMBop" acapella with a little twist. This is an exclusive to our Wav of the Day Club!~

~Here's a wav of Hanson doing a commercial for Australian radio~

~Here's Hanson talking about singing in the shower~

***NEW***~Ike's being interviewed on the radio in this clip...he says, "Um, yeah. It's a secret no one knows." Sounds familiar!~

~In this clip from Jay Leno, Isaac is talking about their new CD they hope to make soon~

~Here's Ike from the Live at the 10 Spot concert talking about their tour~

~Here's Ike from SNICK saying, "I recommend not eating it," meaning his brothers' nice food creations~

~This is an awesome wav we's a mix of Ike sounds with music in the background~

~Here's a cool wav from the Meadowlands of mostly Ike. What a voice!~

~This wav is of Isaac playing a cool song while introducing the back-up band at the Meadowlands concert~

~Here's Isaac with his famous intro for "A Minute Without You"~

~Here's Ike at the Meadowlands expressing himself with a yell~

***NEW***~Wanna hear Tay's voice crack?! Then download this one from the Hard Rock Cafe in London during "Man From Milwaukee"!~

~Here's a clip of Tay's "acceptance speech" when he received an award for Most Fanciable Male of 1997!~

~This one's the intro to "A Minute Without You" live at the Meadowlands...Taylor always has something to say!~

~Here's Tay on a call-in interview with Ugly Phil - just do not compare him to Michael Jackson!~

~This is an awesome wav we's a mix of Tay sounds with music in the background~

~This is an exclusive wav of Taylor sharing his ideas for the "Weird" video with Ike and Zac~

~I think this is one of everyone's favorite's Taylor in Bali describing the caves~

~This wav is from Austalian's Taylor's turn up and he's being funny on the air~

~Here's a great, short wav of Taylor encouraging the fans at a concert~

***NEW***~Here's Zac from TT&MON belting out in opera! LoL!~

~Here's a clip of Zac chatting with Ugly Phil about some of the songs they're performing on their Albertane Tour!~

~Zac's giving his "acceptance speech" on MTV Live~

~Zac's chatting with Ugly Phil about how they came up with the title for 3 Car Garage - very cute one~

~This is an awesome wav we's a mix of Zac sounds with music in the background~

~Here's Zac from TT&MON singing his own little song~

~Here's a wav of Zac saying hello in his own special way~

~Here's Zac at the Meadowlands asking everyone a familiar question~

~This is a wav of Zac being his goofy old self doing a funny impersonation~